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I was born and raised here in South Korea, and I love learning and helping others learn. What I mainly do as work is helping people learn languages. I like being upside down and doing flips, and I am the founder and CEO of a language education corporation that operates Talk To Me In Korean.



These are my passions:

  • Learning new things, especially new languages

  • B-boying and handstands 

  • Teaching languages 

  • Traveling and speaking the local language


I am currently the CEO of (주)지나인, the company the brand Talk To Me In Korean, which I created in 2009 to continue doing what I love doing, which is teaching the Korean language to the world. 

Talk To Me In Korean 

Talk To Me In Korean is my dream job, and I love every minute I spend at it. I am running the website TalkToMeInKorean.com with some of the most awesome people I know to help the whole world learn & speak better Korean.